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Confessions of a Curious Mind

A month in!

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A month in!

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I really need to document my life better because I am already forgetting a bunch of stuff I said I was going to write here. Damn. Well I will start backwards and hope I remember everything:

I watched the Gator v. Miami game tonight and it was AMAZING- Go Gators!!! But as exciting as it was to watch (and win!) seeing them film Gainesville made me homesick. Im glad I got to watch it on TV but I miss the spirit of the town, the cheers and being able to celebrate with everyone around you. Its not quite the same here in NYC. Just a little sad for me- especially since Tropical Storm Hanna is howling outside and raining.

HOWEVER, with that being said I had my first week of graduate school and I do know this- I ABSOLUTELY picked the right school for me and im in love with my professors. I wish I could be best friends with them. I also realize what it means to be going to a top clinical program because this curriculum, as amazing as it is, is going to kick my ass. Seriously. So, friends, please don't be mad if I disappear entirely until the summer. I have hundreds of pages of reading and my 21 hours at my internship required every week on top of classes. Its a lot but I will go forward and do my best. I feel like I am going to learn and grow so much (to be really cliche ;) ). Learn to be patient with the many younger students who are waaaaaay too tightly wound, to actually live the lesson of not being involved in EVERYthing and take a step back (particularly, to truly realize that doing millions of things do not prove what kind of person I am...I can still be that person and deserve to have a life) and hopefully learn lots of different therapy while I'm at it!

So other than going through school and adjusting to student life again I got to have some fun last weekend. My friend Ashley came to visit and we got to explore the city tons and I got to visit the David Letterman offices/studio and, yes, I tap danced on the Ed Sullivan Theater stage. It was pretty cool. Thank god no one was there :)

I am getting used to life here...I miss a lot but I'm trying my best not to dwell on that because it is easy to do but got me no where my first couple of weeks. I am getting along with my roommates and have met one friend in social work that likes chocolate and the arts. I love the city- there is so much stimulation here and I feel like options are endless (good and bad) and i love that about it.
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