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Confessions of a Curious Mind

25 March
Well here I am in life. I'm currently living in New York City and recently graduated from NYU with my Masters of Social Work. Life has been an incredible journey of ups and downs but I wouldn't want it any other way. Just makes life that much richer :) I miss my Gainesville peeps but am learning so much about myself in this new journey. I try to live with passion, empathy and open-mindedness. I love food, giving hugs and attempting to talk in British or Irish accents. My friends are my family. I would do anything for them. I believe that Barack Obama is awesome and that many of our problems aren't just about economics but consequences of the social construction of society and our laws and who it keeps up and who it keeps down (typical social work jargon ;) ) I could walk around the city for hours aimlessly and be happy. I rather hang out on a Friday night with friends eating lots of homemade food and talking the night away or watch movies than be anywhere else.

"Tough times and long days...But it really just depends on the season"

i wake up something more than what i'm supposed to be something more
than i have meant to show how was i supposed to know that i've wanted,
and i've waited and i can be the one to show you
that life's not simple enough and i can be the one to tell
you i've held this back for too long and my heart aches..
these feelings i've held inside for you and my heart aches..
how can i stop the pain?