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Confessions of a Curious Mind

Let's fly away...

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Let's fly away...

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I saw this quote on the 1 train a couple of weeks ago and have fallen in love with it for some reason:

My heart burns in flames of sorrow
Sparks and smoke rise turning to the sky
Within me, the heart has taken fire like a candle
My body, whirling, is a lighthouse illuminated by your image

-Khatun Mihri

It's been an intense and amazing journey so far. And I feel my patients in a lot of ways when I see this quote. I miss terribly not being at MSKCC. It was hard to end my great ride there and bittersweet to graduate, though it felt good :) Just hard not to see all the friendly faces every single week. And then add moving to the mix and it can feel overwhelming. But I'm feeling good about the move. AND in the midst of it and driving a car for the first time in NY got a phone call for an interview at Mt. Sinai hospital and I think it went well. Have a second interview in 2 weeks. But for now, I leave for ITALY!! I leave in a couple of hours and definitely need the R+R. I need to disconnect from the world here and reconnect with my heart and get some peace of mind. Hope I can do that a little bit in Italy. I'm going with my friend Dianna who went to NYU with me. We are starting off in Rome and working up from Siena to Florence to Cinque Terre and finally Venice. I will be back June 13th! Until then, arrivederci!
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