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The rollercoaster of my life...11/4 will not soon be forgotten

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The rollercoaster of my life...11/4 will not soon be forgotten

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I don't even know where to begin. I have been through the most intense, emotionally grueling at times and fantastical at others. I was working on a midterm when I got a call from a very upset mother at 9:30 pm who said she was in the ER in Miami and was having surgery very quickly. All weekend she had been complaining of intense pain in abdominal area, sleeping a lot and losing weight recently. I pushed her to call doctors but no one would see her until late december. I pushed her, "Please go to the hospital, please." After urging her all day she did. A lot is still unknown and I hope to find out more this morning but she underwent emergency surgery to remove something that was rupturing. She told me the doctors said if she had waited one more day she would have died. At 3 am I got word that she is safe and in recovery and I will get more information soon. Although I am sure she will be completely fine, the quickness in which it all happened and having her already have cancer and already having lost my fathers made it frightening beyond words.

As my mom was being wheeled in my dream came true of Obama being elected President. I can't even begin to describe the juxtaposition of these two events. I just couldn't stop crying for the life of me. In an attempt to keep myself calm, I watched Obama's speech and haven't been so moved in a long time. I believe in change and can finally breath again and hope that the future of America will be bright. Emergency plans to move to London have been postponed.

There is also this mix of anger. I am disgusted with Florida for voting into law a ban on gay marriage. It is incredible that in electing a Black man into the presidency, the same state could turn around and display such narrow-mindedness in equal rights for the LGBT community. What's hard to swallow about it is that it wasn't a narrow win, it was a landslide.

It goes to show that although we are making progress in this country we can NOT stop fighting for social justice and impacting the myriad of policies in this country. Like Obama said in his speech last night, there are tough times a head and we as Americans need to step up in the days and years to come.
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